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Level 1: Get Started Saving Lives

In this level, you’ll receive 14 hours of CE training on the basics of dental sleep medicine and TMJ disorders. This ...

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Level 2: Confident Clinical Care

In level 2, you’re going to get 12 total hours of CE training (with certificates upon completed quizzes!) that will h...

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Level 3: Totally TMD

Level 3 is designed to immerse you in the world of TMD - diagnosis, treatments, and everything in between.  This is a...

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Level 4: Expanding Your Impact

Level 4 is my nod to all the CE courses out there that DON’T teach you how to make more money saving the world - afte...

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Level 5: Deep Into Sleep

Level 5 is my Sleep Disorders Deep Dive Series - dedicated solely to helping you recognize, diagnose and treat the sl...

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